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Granovec, Kosovo, summer 1998: The Serbian (and therefore Christian) woman in the picture was five months pregnant. After raping her, Albanian terrorists (UCK and KLA), cut the baby out of her womb with a butcher knife. The Serbian man on the right corner (her husband) had his legs chopped off with an axe. Before he died he was forced to see what Albanians did to his wife.
This is just one of the many crimes committed by Albanians in Kosovo, southern Serbia.
No one was ever punished.
Big multinationals with headquarters in USA and the EU bought the Serbian Industry right after the war at a very low price. Today, Serbia is having financial problems, while the Serbian economy is under control of the EU and USA. The EU keeps promising Serbia financial help, as long as Serbia joins the EU and forgets about Kosovo. The EU is asking Serbia to give away land that has always been Serbian.

Is this the Europe we want?

For more on Albanian crimes:


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